Six social-media skills every leader needs – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Innovation
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    Organizational social-media literacy is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage. Learn, through the lens of executives at General Electric, how you and your leaders can keep up. A McKinsey Quarterly Strategy article.

    Kimberly Togman‘s insight:

    This article from McKinsey touches on something many leaders are trying to get their arms around: how do we use social media effectively to promote our organization and our message yet limit our risk and exposure.  The article tells us "the dynamics of social media amplify the need for qualities that have long been a staple of effective leadership, such as strategic creativity, authentic communication, and the ability to deal with a corporation’s social and political dynamics and to design an agile and responsive organization."

    At the same time, it comes with some risks inherent with the participatory nature of social media.    McKinsey offers six skills that leaders need to master.  On the strategic level: Adviser, Architect and Analyst; and on the personal level: Producer, Distributor, Recipient.  Few people today have all six skills.  Do you? 

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