Reframing the Talent Agenda
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    Talent remains a top concern for business leaders—not the availability of workers so much as the shortage of critical skills, experiences, and specialized capabilities of leaders, managers, creators, and producers required in changing industries.

    Kimberly Togman‘s insight:

    Deloitte tells us that the next challenge business faces is the war to develop talent.  Good news for those of us in the leadership development and coaching space, for sure. 


    We’ve known for a long time that workers often enter the ranks of employment without some remedial skills.   Most of us think about this as an issue at the lower, less educated ranks.  Not so. Or at least the issue doesn’t end there.  The world of work is different now, with different rules of engagement–the old models no longer fit.  Increasingly global, full of employees with desires of meaning, satisfaction, and social impact.  The time an employee spends in an office is diminishing rapidly, while simultaneously the methods for learning are increasing leaving the classroom.


    Deloitte describes three major shifts: to connectivity, from consumer to prosumer and community contributor and from generalist to serialist master. Across these shifts is the vast application technology has in all we do–and how technology has created new worlds of possibility.  


    All of this suggests a need for disruption in methods we develop talent and leaders.  Deloitte tells us that employers need to shift as well: from "talent takers to skill developers." They tell us that "[m]any of the most competitive companies are leaders in both formal training and the broader range of on-the-job and in-the-job development."   We need to  "reimagine" development, focus on "the central role of technology" and manage beyond boundaries with the recongition that "business ecosystems and global talent markets are replacing the company and local and national talent markets."


    The article provides a compelling review of, and read on the landscape. Development is key.  How we do it needs to keep up with how we do and succeed in business.  The same old same old won’t do it anymore.  


    It’s a great time to be in the leadership and talent development space. 

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