Do you count what counts?

LOVE the Bhutanese.  They eschew GDP for GNH (Gross National Happiness).  They strive to measure intangibles and to “create conditions that will allow happiness to occur.”
See hotelier and author Chip Conley, CEO of Joie de Vivre, talk about this and how he incorporates measuring what matters into his business in the link below.

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It’s all about intention

Yikes. I fell off the blogging wagon but hard.
Here’s what I have to say for myself:  it’s all about intention.  Not in the road tohell paving stone variety but in the living with variety.

For me, intentional living begins with starting and maintaining virtuous cycles. Determining a vision and then taking the first step…or to use the words of Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, at the end of today you will have gotten an “A” what will you have done today that is in line with that extraordinary grade?

An “A” looks like me climbing back on.

Climbing Back On The Wagon

So I fell off the blogging wagon…after only two days!!  Last week I had some fabulous ideas and then when I could grab a few minutes to write, only drivel spewed painfully forth.  My entire week was like that.  Every goal I set took inexplicable hours to complete instead of the mere minutes I had allotted to them.  My list grew ominously large and dark…my personal demons raged: How can you be successful if you cannot keep your own goals moving forward???? Look at your list…you are way behind on so many items and you still have the pile of paperwork to wend through to get your accountant going on your taxes…you call yourself a businesswoman?
And then I stopped them.

I breathed.

I reevaluated.

I asked how else I might look at my week and what I could learn from it.

And I did.  I followed the path Marilee Adams calls the learner path.  She suggests that in considering how something impacts us we have the choice between the learner path and the judger path.   The learner asks questions like:

–        How else can I think of this?

–        What else is possible?

–        What can I learn from this?

–        What are the next action steps I should take?

So I did.

I acknowledged that I had been productive and prolific in my client work early in the week.  I listed the things I did get done.  I realized that perhaps my time goals on some of my objectives were perhaps a bit unrealistic.

I noticed that those days I had identified very specific goals went more smoothly than those for which I more or less winged it with a vague idea of on what I wanted to make progress. I determined that the next action steps should include planning in my every day.  Making sure I follow the sensible path of Ready…Aim…Fire.  Because when I get trigger happy and just fire, much of what comes out is drivel.