On Motivation…Again.

A friend sent me this animated RSA talk given by Dan Pink.  It’s similar to his 2010 TED talk with the spectacular addition of animation by the RSA folks.

The message: want creative, motivated employees? It’s not about the rewards–it’s about finding ways to tap into their intrinsic motivation.

On Motivation

This is an awesome TED talk by Dan Pink.  He’s talking about the science of motivation and tells us that there’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. He goes on to say that traditional motivators are great for compliance but are crap for engagement.   Self direction works better.  Intrinsic motivation.  An approach that includes autonomy, mastery and purpose.
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The same goes for managing your career and is what career stewardship is all about.  We all have autonomy when it comes to the directions our careers take.  How can you better express yours?  Where can you seek mastery?  What is your purpose?

It’s all about intention

Yikes. I fell off the blogging wagon but hard.
Here’s what I have to say for myself:  it’s all about intention.  Not in the road tohell paving stone variety but in the living with variety.

For me, intentional living begins with starting and maintaining virtuous cycles. Determining a vision and then taking the first step…or to use the words of Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, at the end of today you will have gotten an “A” what will you have done today that is in line with that extraordinary grade?

An “A” looks like me climbing back on.

Start a virtuous cycle.

A job search can be overwhelming particularly in economically challenging times. And in times when the need to be searching has come as a surprise and catches you unaware and unprepared it can feel like a crippling blow. Forgo the personal recriminations and shoulda’s-coulda’s-woulda’s. If that’s just not in your composition let yourself wallow for a day or two and then be done with it.

Start a virtuous cycle. Pick three things to do today that will help you feel good about yourself and about your day. Start with some easy stuff—making it to the gym, eating healthy (or healthier), updating your LinkedIn profile or connecting with a long lost former colleague. Write them down. At the end of the day, check them off your list and acknowledge yourself for doing so.

You know the drill: lather, rinse, repeat…tomorrow, pick three more.