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  Years ago, I described myself as alarmingly self-aware. I was pretty pleased that I easily recognized and understood my emotions, and knew my triggers, motivations and what drives me. This extended to pretty solid intuition and ability to read others. Not perfect, but pretty good. I congratulated myself for my level of emotional intelligence.… Read More »

With yesterday’s election results, many of us believe our world has irrevocably changed, and that going forward much will be different—but we do not know how. It is very similar to the feeling many of us had on 9/11. I remember looking at children on the street and feeing sad for the world they would grow up in,… Read More »

In this short video clip Colin Powell is asked: “How would you define the key characteristics of effective leadership that allow you to go and be an advocate for good?”   Powell answers: “Trust.”  He goes on to say “Leadership ultimately comes down to creating conditions of trust within an organization,” and quoting an instructor he had in… Read More »

The September 2016 Inc. 500 just landed on my doorstep (my dirty little secret: I like paper). Some fun stats from successful Inc. 500 founders when asked what the thing is that concerns them most: Attracting and Retaining Talent 45% Staying Focused 21% Managing Fast Growth 19% Remaining Competitive 9% Keeping Up with Rapid Technology Changes… Read More »